My ten-year-old recently discovered (as is annoyingly often) that my iPhone has a feature called Siri. I gave them a Samsung Tab A6 to watch kids’ programs and maintain set boundaries with my phone. So he returned from school one day and said their teacher told them about a new AI feature in iPhone. He would move close to my phone and say, ‘Hey Siri’. Then a swirling bright voice prompt would appear, ready to answer any imaginable question. My five-year-old daughter soon learnt from him and would quickly have a go when I wasn’t looking.

This morning I saw my Eleven-month-old daughter pick up my phone, hold it exactly the way her siblings would and was blabbing away in her baby language. It took a while for what she was doing to register. How did she know what was going on? How do children show such complexity in understanding concepts at such young age?

Are children natural copycats?

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